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I’ve been seeing this guy for about 3 months now; he lives alone in a flat close to me in Bolton. I’m married, and my wife doesn’t know that I like to dress in sexy lingerie and then basically meet with men for SEX.


Wouldn’t say I have a convincing look but what I make up for in lack of looking like a women I make up as I’m VERY good at oral and have the skill to make just about any man feed me his cum inside a few minutes of me going down on him.


I’ve not tried anal sex yet, I’m building towards that, but I do enjoy some anal play and have a few toys, but love my butt being rimmed and that can make me cum so fast. I’m sure once I try anal, I will love it but for now still looking for Mr Right to take my Trans virginaty.

Bolton Trans Stockings

I sent a message to Paul saying I wanted to meet him as my wife was out, so found my little hidden box and got out a black bra, matching knickers & stockings. I’m not shaven but I’m lucky that I have very fine hair, so it looks like I’m smooth.


Putting jeans and sweet on I headed out. I got a message from Paul saying the door would be open so just let myself in and come upstairs which I knew to mean he was showered and ready and waiting for sex on the bed!


I drove to his place and getting there parked up and walked in and straight to his bedroom. Sure as fuck Paul was on the bed naked with a massive hard cock waving at me and look that said “suck this”

Manchester Trans SEX

I stripped down and standing at the end of the bed got an approving smile so crawled onto the bed up to his cock and licked it from the bottom all the way to the top, making sure I was very gentle to tease him. I could see a little drop of pre-cum so make sure I got that sweet juice licking it all up.


I moved around and Paul moved a little to give him access to me pulling my panties off straight away sucked my cock all the back making me groan in pleasure feeling my cock in his hot wet mouth.


I started to suck him harder going deep all the way to his balls and he started to fuck my mouth with his movements pushing harder and harder into my mouth, but I was able to take him fully without gagging

Trans Rimming SEX

With my head now pushed firmly down I was sucking him hard and teasing his balls with my hand and with a hand on my head I knew I wasn’t coming up any time soon. He turned his attention towards my button and start licking me.


His tong was darting inside me deep and wanking me and it was all I could do to keep my mind on my sucking, but Paul also knew I loved this and with his face buried in my bottom and tong pressed deep I came all over his chest… I increased my sucking now and with a finger start teasing his butt knew exactly where to find his sweet sensitive point with my finger.


He pushed harder on my head and knew I was going to get his load soon and one pump after another he feed me his sweet cum making sure I didn’t waste a drop. Afterwards, laying back on the bed we chatted for a while before I needed to leave before my wife got home. I don’t think it will be long before Paul takes my Trans cherry

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