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This story posted by a member on his blog ticked just about everyone of my fantasies, and whilst you may struggle to find any Essex sex cinemas, you won’t have problems finding Trans contacts/ Admirers, just check out the free access above, then join us.


First time I was fucked by a Essex tranny and LOVED it, although after posting my story and getting slapped a few times I know to call them Trans !! This all happened in the back rooms of an Essex sex shop where they had a small adult theater, a good few years ago.


I’m bi, but more into guys than females, and if it wasn’t the fact, I love licking pussy I think I would just stay having sex with guys, or trans now as it would seem after getting well FUCKED!!


It was a Friday and always a good crowd in the back room so headed in sat down and within a short while had a guy next to me with my jeans down enjoying a good deep BJ whilst watching porn. It was then I felt a hand stroking my bottom, nothing unusual about that in a gay sex cinema, but then the finger moved and started pressing against hole, looking around I was surprised to see this female.

Trans Fucking

She was wearing a strapless black mini dress with huge tits and even though my cock was still be sucked, very well she got my attention, even more so when she moved forward and I thought at first she was going to kiss me with her deep red lip-sticked mouth, but whispered to me “I love your ass, I want to fuck it”


Looking at her I smiled and waited in anticipation to feel her finger slide inside me. She moved her hand caressing and teasing my butt and hole then teasing me more sliding fingers around my anus.


She moved her free hand under my tshirt teasing and playing with my erect nipples running her long nails around my chest and over my nipples, making them harden even more and by now with oral stills of the guy was having goose bumps running across my body.


It was then I felt lube being applied expertly into my hole as slowly first one finger slipped inside with ease followed by another and it was all I could do to try and hold back the moans of pleasure

I want to Fuck YOU

I was so open and ready and totally taken back when she pulled her fingers from me and felt against me a cock!!! a very large one, as she pushed into my hole her rock-hard cock and looked around moved my hand down and felt her well lubed cock sliding in and out of me.


Looking around now other guys were more interested in watching this sex Trans fuck me with guys masturbating as they enjoyed a live sex show with me taking her full cock now deep inside as she started pounding my ass.


I was taking a full fucking from her and I’m sure she could have carried on for a while, but I couldn’t, and I came all over my chest. She pulled out her cock, turning me around, “Now your turn suck me and swallow my load”


Moving over I took all her cock, I knew she was near after fucking me so hard, she moved her hand onto my head pushing it all the way down making me gag a little, but I didn’t pull back as she started pumping streams of cum that I swallowed every drop.


I pulled up my jeans and she adjusted her mini dress and taking me by the hand lead me out in the sex cinema and standing in the hall kissed me deep and passionately and she could taste her cum still on my tong….” want to come back to mine for more fun” that was my first Trans sex, not my last!

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