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Where do I start I live in Weymouth, Dorset and whilst I dream about the day i could head out dressed right now it still seems a million miles away, but I do have fun at home so if you are a Dorset Trans or admirer message me.


Last night I had this wild sex dream and thought I would post it inside my blog before I forgot about it, when I woke up, I had a very wet bed. After reaching for my favorite toy, I had even more cum to clean up….


This is my dream, would I dare to do it? not sure but would love the idea, but for now it’s a sex fantasy from a horny under fucked Dorset Transgender.I’ve got a few days off and decide to head away for a long weekend enjoying some of the finer Trans establishments and hopefully getting well fucked. I took the train knowing I was going to have a skin full and be used like a drunk trans slut you see falling out of clubs.


I got to the venue early and even though a few near chances I didn’t get any takers so as it was getting late decided it was time to head home and it was only when getting changed, I realized I had lost my train ticket home, and having spent too much on cocktails had no cash.


Wondering what I could do I got chatting with this guy near the changing room when he told me that he knew of a local Trans Dogging site, or at least a place where people go for casual public sex and maybe he could take me along and I could offer sex for cash

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I didn’t have to think about it twice, I was horny, needed some cash and could meet guys and charge for SEX…interesting idea so, as I had not changed yet I walked outside with him getting into his car, getting to the car some guys were outside the club and let my short skirt ride up, then flashed my stoking tops, looking round smiled as we drove off


I must have been crazy heading off to some dogging location with a stranger, to meet strangers…but it was also exciting me thinking guys wanting to use me for SEX and paying. When we pulled into the layby there was some cars parked and driving to the end, parked up and getting out I pulled my skirt up showing stocking tops and just under that a hard cock.


I got out and started walking some cars were empty, another a guy opened his window and looking at me lifted my skirt seeing my cock said no thanks, so walked to next one and a man got out with his cock out and telling him I charge and 50 for oral or 100 for anything. Getting his wallet out paid me 50, it was then he told me a friend in the car wanted to fuck my ass whilst I was sucking him and would pay 50 as well

Tranny Slut

They both walked towards me and paid the 100 and I bent over taking his cock in my mouth, he was very small and was able to take him fully inside my mouth which he loved and started fucking me pound his cock into my mouth. The other guy came behind me, pulled my skirt up, moved my panties to one.


side and pushed his cock against my ass pussy and went fully inside and he didn’t wait around with hard thrusts was fucking my ass whilst sucking the other guy off. I was really surprised but the guy fucking me told the other guy he was going to cum “already” and started him to cum inside ass as the guy filled my mouth with his spunk swallowing every drop like a good little slut.


Pulling out they both left getting into the car having had there way. I sorted myself out and felt good knowing I’d made 100 which would cover my train but there was another 2 cars and I did it so horny offering my body for sex and with an ass fill of cum and mouth I moved to the next car.

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