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Whats It Like Fucking Using Poppers
Ask Trans About Sex On Poppers. Its The BEST!!
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Anal Sex & Poppers

Trans Sex on Poppers, have you ever tried sex whilst on poppers either trans anal or a guy getting fucked..its the best !! Although I prefer Poppers with oral sex as I’m more active than passive, but when you do use poppers with oral sex it feels like you dont stop cumming its the BEST… but some of my previous Transwomen partners love the rush of anal on poppers…


Just to bring you up to speed if Poppers is something you’ve never heard of before, “HELLO” where have you been LOL… but what are poppers… Poppers is a brand & slang word used for recreational drugs made from alkyl nitrite. When sniffed they will make you high producing mild euphoria, but also a muscle relaxant and make you extremely horny and game for ANYTHING.


So where better to ask Transwomen about poppers than a message board and posted below are a few of the responses which do seem to echo my experiences of transgender sex on poppers…

Question What Sex Like On Poppers

-: The first time you open a bottle of poppers you really wonder why you would sniff something that smells just like some toxic chemical? Then putting it to your nostril and with one finger on the other you inhale and then OMG you feel this warm buzz going across your body and then the rush hits you and makes you feel so horny, you return and inhale again. The only thing on my mind assuming I’m with a man is give me your cock!! Anywhere just leave my cock alone as it can make me cum fast.


-:Just thinking about it makes me want SEX now. It’s amazing using poppers. You are totally relaxed and ready to take anything inside your rear pussy hopefully a big throbbing cock. Highly recommended poppers.


-:I’ve had anal sex on poppers a few times and love it, although its not something I want to be the norm because it can give you a massive headacke. My first threesome was when on poppers and they fucked me every way possible and got my first double anal penetration, which was only possible after poppers.


-:Want to get wild in the bedroom or any other room, try dating a Trans on Poppers. It was the best sex I had and I fucked her then A2M and she took every drop of cum licking my cock like it was an ice-cream. I’m not into poppers as you can lose your erection.


-:Love Sex on poppers a BF introduced me about 3 years ago and after sniffing we fucked like crazy. A couple more sniffs and had my first anal fisting. Amazing relaxed & fucking horny for any type of sex


-:Tried it once, never again gave me the head from hell, although I can see the reason transwomen use it does make you extremely horny and up for anything


-:I’m a very petite Trans and can’t take the initial penetration of hung guys, so if a guy is big I use poppers going missionary style with a quick sniff before penetration. Only warning you start feeling dizzy if you sniff to much and long. Also try using poppers when alone with some toys you will have the best orgasm that just keeps milking out, super intense.

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