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I love sex in public places, and I’ve been fucked and sucked in some crazy placed. But this time it was more planned as I wanted to meet a couple of guys. I posted on the message board what I was after and where I lived and within a few days I was chatting to a couple of guys that loved the idea, so a date, location and time was set.


Whilst I do dress fully, I keep walking my street till after dark as I’m not totally passable, but nearly hehe.. But I wasn’t going to be walking today but hopefully was going to get well fucked.


I drove to the car park and parked in the agreed location. I was wearing a summer dress that could be fully opened giving guys full access to me, and had a tiny bra and matching panties..My make up was limited as the last time I met a guy he was really worried about my red fuck me lips and leaving traces of it on him when he went home to the little wife

Trans Naked Public

I was waiting around and getting bored so opened the window then fully opened my dress and was sat in the car nearly naked when I saw a car and recognized the details so new it was one of the guys.


He got out and walked straight over the passenger door and getting in smiled and straight away reached over and started teasing my nipples. He moved forward and pulling the bra down started sucking me hard which I love making me groan in pleasure.


Then another car pulled up, stopped and the guy walking over was the other guy I had been chatting to, he walked straight over and reaching into the car put his hands into my panties releasing my cock and wanking me off.

Trans Public Threesome

I really wanted a cock in at least one whole, so opening the door I turned around with my bottom facing outside, then opening the jeans of the guy pulling his cock free and straight away started to suck him taking his cock fully down enjoying that fact I was sucking him off outdoors.


By pussy was well being taken care of feeling a tongue darting in and out of me teasing me that was driving me wild with excitement, then feeling a finger being pushed into me working my pussy so well and opening me hopefully ready for his cock.


I was sucking and slurping enjoying the hard cock in my mouth when I felt the tip of his cock pushing against me, I pushed back a little letting him know I was ready to be fucked, then the sting of pain as his head slipped inside, resting at first for a little so that I could adjust then slowly going deeper till I felt him fully inside


My pussy didn’t take long to adjust as he pushed harder and started to speed up and at the same time the guy fucking my mouth had now placed hands on my head pushing me deeper taking him fully as they both started to fuck me at both ends.


I could feel my cum just dripping from me and knew my two lovers would be filling me both ends as I worked hard sucking and being fucked, the guy fucking my pushed deep into me, feeling him shaking knowing he had just cum, then the other guy came into my mouth and held my head down making sure I shallowed every drop.


I pulled my head up and had cum dripping from my cock and the guy fucking me adjusted himself and left and shortly afterwards the other guy zipped up and left the car so I could go home a happy and well fucked Transwomen

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