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I just love wanking guys off with my feet, with my ultra smooth and very flexible feet and I can wrap my feet tightly around your cock… Little did I know posting something like that in my personals advert would get so much attention, and all the right kind.


I soon got chatting with Nick, seemed a nice guy and had more than a passing interest in trans feet sex and cuming over transwomen feet. So after lots of messages and some teasing photos of me showing my stocking feet we agreed to hookup.


I met guys mostly at the weekend due to work, so arranged for Nick to visit me Saturday night and I spent most of the afternoon getting ready making sure I was smooth head to toe, more so toes as I had every intention of getting very close up with my feet!

Trans & Stocking Feet

The rest of the afternoon was picking out some sexy lingerie and favorite thong, with matching bra, next was garter belt as stockings was a must, make up, wig and a tight white blouse with skirt I was ready to play…next a large glass of wine.


Nick got to mine right on time and headed over to the sofa where a glass of wine was waiting for him. We started making casual chat, but his eyes were all over my legs, feet and my slightly open blouse showing my good natural cleavage. It was then I kicked my shoes off and moved my legs over onto his lap.


With my leg resting on his lap he started to massage my foot, rubbing the soles of my feet, my ankle and then moving down to my toes moving his face closure then putting his tongue out licking my toes and feet, then sucking my foot.


He was licking every part and sucking each toe so carefully, then moving my other leg up repeated the same amazing toe sucking and licking taking as much of my foot into his mouth massaging and kissing both feet.

Foot Wanking Hookups

I moved a foot down onto his crotch and slid my foot towards his cock that was now hard and pushing against his trousers. I could feel his hard cock against the sole of my foot, and I wanted to see just what was hidden inside his trousers so asked him to remove his trousers.


He stood up sliding trousers and shorts off showing a hard cock with strong pumping veins along, throbbed and ready for my feet. He got back onto the sofa and placing my foot against his cock started rubbing him, and almost straight away could see precum. I couldn’t waste so moved my feet away licking the end and teasing his sweet cum, before replacing my feet but this time wrapped around his cock.


I sat back and placed my feet either side of his cock and started wanking him off, as I was moving, he was also pumping into my foot getting faster and faster as he became more vigorous and knew he was already getting near to cuming.


Precum was dripping from him, going all over my feet and I squeezed my feet tighter against his cock as he pumped harder and as I released a little, he came all over my feet. He told me he was a heavy cumer and soaked my stockings and feet with his cum.


Afterwards he was just laying back on the sofa admiring all his cum over my stockings and feet, I then instructed him it was my turn and pulling my hard cock out I wanted his lips rapped around it and make sure you dont waste a drop & swallow.

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