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Photo personals websites have changed the way we date and meet up with Trans or admirers and no longer is just down to guesswork what someone looks like after checking out an ad in the local papers or maybe a Trans hookup magazine….now you get to see, and in some cases LOTS.


It is a simple fact that we all love to check people out and I bet the first thing you looked at was the hot Transgender photo personals above. We do have hot guys also “hello” but the images posted above are just local trans photos.


You maybe thinking these images look a little bit tame? The reason for this is all members photos posted outside of the members section are classed as being non-adult. If you are concerned that your images could be shown here when uploading your personals advert tick the box “Not for Promotional use”.

Posting Photos

We all know as horny people we want to see photos, that’s tame non adult ones like above and of course the very risky ones, and when I say risky, I mean photos uploaded where there is no rules on the content on the photo.


By joining Trans Chat you will have unlimited space to post photos or even videos (these must be yours) within your personals space and because we are an adult dating site this means you can upload any type of photo you want…dressed, sexy, nude or even with someone else having fun!


We all love to take photos sometimes we have friends we can share with, but what about sharing those sexy images with friends and contacts inside the members section? Any image you upload after posting your profile will show on your wall.


Whats a wall? Think of it a little like Facebook where within your profile space members can access view images and media you post onto your profile. The difference with these images is your friends and contacts can post feedback. If you want to comment on a member’s photos, then you need to send a friend request.


Do you have some photos that you only want to share with possible contacts or dates? We offer members a private folder where images and videos can be saved, and the only way members can view these is by asking you for the password.


You can upload as many photos as you like within the private folder, and should you want later stop access to members that maybe you’ve given too in the past. Often members will use private folders if photos show them having sex with other members.

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