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Trans Dogging Chat it’s one of the most search terms within the dogging & public sex scene, other than where can I find Dogging Trannys near me, although Trans would be a “LOT” more correct and certainly when sending messages out will get you a better response from members.


If like most you enjoy public sex scene, and this admirer loves nothing more than tracking down a private Trans Dogging location. You will know its not as easy as it sounds and not something that’s as easy to find as Cis dogging hookups look for, and often find….Trans Dogging takes research.


The main reason being you can’t just turn up at any dogging site and hope to get your lips around a Trans cock or enjoy the pleasure of slowly pushing your cock into a Transgender whilst they are resting against a tree, wall or better still bent over my car bonnet.


Why? Because many that enjoy going out dogging will know its hard to tell it’s a transgender until you get up close and personal and the last thing you want as a horny admirer is to get to your knees to find a wet pussy when you were hoping for a hard trans cock. True you do get Lingerie loving Dogging Trans which are easier to spot, but even then, you need to get close and personal

Dogging Chat

By accessing Trans Dogging chat you can first make sure that you are meeting in a safe dogging location, next it gives you a chance to swap details, so you know when walking up to that car parked in the corner of the dark carpark you have a hot Trans or admirer waiting.


Using Dogging chat rooms is the safest way to arrange any type of public hookups, whether that’s going to a dogging location or maybe just meeting up in some quiet car park or location where you know you wont be distrained whilst having some fun.

Chat v Message Boards?

You have two ways of hooking up with members either chat or via message boards, but you do have a third which is a lot better and will probably get you quick hookup with a Dogging Trans…and that’s by searching personals.


When members post personals either admirers or Transgenders you can tick the types of hookups you are looking for, and one of those is sex in public / dogging hookups. When searching it will match members personals adverts and find contacts that you want to meet.


If you want Dogging Trans then tick this, then when searching use the distance or members online NOW and then start reading members personals. When you find one local it’s a simple case of sending a message and arranging a location to meet up, or if they are interested in meeting ask them about dogging locations they use.


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